Buffalo Geological Consulting

Since 1990 Buffalo has focused on the visual presentation of data for public presentation and internal interpretation.  A typical example is the visualization of major ion distribution in groundwater using Stiff, trilinear and Durov diagrams.  Buffalo uses modern Java-based programs such as Processing to incorporate the fourth dimension as a display function so that variations in water quality over time are easily identified.   Subtle effects of contamination or mixing of sources can be observed.  Seasonal precipitation effects on groundwater chemistry are discernable.  Plume stability is verified.  Long term ionic changes can be tracked.  In addition to conventional computer capabilities, Buffalo offers CAD, GIS, database, and custom programming in a variety of languages.
Buffalo Geological Consulting makes customized pneumatic powered equipment for such environmental tasks as monitor well purging and sampling, well development, etc. 

All our equipment is hardened for remote deployment in harsh environments miles from support facilities - and then proven rugged in the field.

                                                                           OIL AND GAS

Buffalo Geological explores for petroleum and natural gas objectives.  The firm engages in select ventures via farm-out or royalty interest participation.   

We also perform due diligence assessments of petroleum investment opportunities for private clients.

Buffalo has been active in the innovative use of computers since 1983 when we founded an R&D partnership to digitize well logs.  The partnership translated over a million-curve feet of historic analog geophysical wire-line surveys to digital and produced a variety of software for petroleum exploration. 
Contact us at:  buffalo@buffalogeo.com