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POST-CLOSURE CARE REDUCTION PROGRAMS for PRE-SUBTITLE D LANDFILLS.  Thousands of landfills in the United States were closed during the 1970's and 1980's to avoid expensive site engineering and upgrades associated with implementation of the rigorous EPA landfill regulations known as Subtitle D.   EPA regulations require these closed landfills to conduct at least 30 years of post-closure care.    For many closed landfills the mandated 30 year post-closure care period is over yet regulators are reluctant to simply terminate post-closure care and retire the landfill from government control.  Consequently, landfill owners who had to guarantee financial resources for 30 years face having to pay indefinitely because there is no official termination point for the various post-closure activities. 

Buffalo conducts a thorough review of the scientific, statistical, and analytical history of a landfill to identify contaminants that are no longer a threat or that can be mitigated by administrative controls.  We then propose modifications and reductions to regulatory agencies and  have successfully reduced post-closure care costs up to 50% in every case.

nitoring well installations.  

Detection, assessment and compliance groundwater monitoring programs.

Groundwater and surface water sample collection.

OTHER SERVICES:  Analytical / numeric contaminant transport modeling   •   Statistical analysis          Full service management of regulatory compliance programs required by Solid Waste Permits.


Commercial solid waste owners and operators.

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