This special category of property transfer involves the purchase or donation of land for the express purpose of placing it outside the reach of development.  By its very nature, property considered for conservation is usually pristine and rarely contaminated; however, a site assessment is often a necessary precurser to acquisition by government or private conservation.  The normal scope of work for site assessments can be modified to meet the requirements of the involved parties and public interests.  Buffalo Geological has performed assessments for major conservation groups such as The Conservation Fund, Western Rivers Conservancy, and the National Park Service.
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We have extensive experience conducting Level I and II environmental site assessments (ESA) for property transfer or due diligence purposes.  Buffalo Geological has performed site assessments for lending institutions, private sellers and purchasers, conservation groups, government agencies and developers.   If you are involved in mergers and acquisitions, development, commercial lending; or if you buy, sell or lease property, we will customize our work according to your needs.  Our work is performed at a level of effort appropriate for current ASTM standards and your due diligence concerns.

Properties that are or have been used for industrial purposes can benefit from voluntary site assessments to identify and mitigate environmental problems.   Virtually any manufacturing or industrial process is considered by the EPA as a potential source of pollution and a site assessment is the only way to quantify the risk.  Abandoned industrial sites are often transferred by owners to public ownership and it is almost mandatory for Level I and II assessments to be performed prior to title transfer.
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